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Aaron Van Voorhis 2015

I speak and write about Christianity from a radical theology perspective. For a definition of radical theology, click here. I am a recovering fundamentalist that leads a community for other recovering fundamentalists and those interested in a just and intellectually honest Christianity.


This is the location for my blog and all things having to do with my book, A Survival Guide for Heretics. You can order it from Amazon by clicking here. Here is the blurb for the back cover. Maybe this will whet some appetites.

So many people are leaving the church today because of its hypocrisy, bigotry, and intellectual dishonesty. Such “heretics” find themselves in exile, wondering if there is anything worth holding onto regarding Christianity and faith. The answer is—yes, but probably not in the way you think.

A Survival Guide for Heretics reveals that the scandalous heart of Christianity is about the death of religion and the resurrection of a new way of living in the world called the kingdom of God. Drawing upon the fields of psychology, philosophy, and radical theology, this book guides readers step by step through their own spiritual journeys and reveals how they got where they’re at and how to move forward. Along the way, Aaron Van Voorhis addresses some of the hardest questions perplexing Christians today and offers some surprising answers.

As a pastor, Aaron uses his personal story and the story of his church as examples of how Christianity might be embodied in the twenty-first century. Deeply informed by the work of Peter Rollins and John D. Caputo, among others, A Survival Guide for Heretics is a very accessible and necessary book for anyone struggling with their faith.